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1. What are your prices?  Why are they not listed on your site?

Our prices are not on our site because each bride is unique and we want our brides to hire us based on the quality they see in our work and the fantastic relationships we cultivate.  We completely understand budget is important but those who are only shopping for the cheapest video, over quality, will not be a good fit for us.  We are for the bride who appreciates quality.

2. How long will it take for my video to be completed?

Your wedding film will be finished between 4 – 6 months.  We give each production the same detailed attention to insure that perfect and most captivating wedding film.  Because CWF is a division of a Studio:43 Productions (a commercial production facility) and the staff travels extensively for projects, it could take the full 6 months.  Our goal is 2 months.  Brent is in the process of training an editing team to allow for a quicker turn-around time but one thing he will never do, rush a production and sacrifice quality.

3.  Who will be shooting at my wedding?

Only the best of the best will be shooting your wedding.  That is why you hired us.  Each cinematographer we have on staff was trained by the big visionary himself, Brent.
If you want to be guaranteed that Brent will be the main cinematographer at your wedding he has a premier
“Brent Nelsen Film” package.  He will oversee all aspects of your wedding personally and there is an added benefit of having the owner himself frame your shots and cover all those special moments.

4. Will you hold the date for me while I talk to my fiancee/family?

We do our best but don’t promise anything.  Our policy is the first retainer we receive will have the date.  We will do our best to hold a date for a day or two for you to speak with family or your fiancee but with the amount of phone calls we get it would be quite time consuming for us to hold dates for everybody. 


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